Mortgages for Dentists

Mortgages for Dentists

Whether you are a Foundation, Associate or Principle Dentist, we can help you meet your mortgage needs. Sarah Grace has a particular expertise and track record in providing a high-quality start-to-finish mortgage service for those in the dental profession – to suit your circumstances at any point in your career:

Foundation Dentists

Lenders use standard ‘employed’ criteria when viewing applications.

Associate Dentists

If you don’t have one year’s accounts, there are lenders who will provide you with a mortgage. We have access to lenders who will either require an accountant’s projection from a Specialist Dental Accountant or will write to your Principle for an employer’s type reference confirming your UDA value. If you have 2-3 years of accounts, please read the Principle Dentists section below.

Principle Dentists

You have probably structured your business one of the following ways:

Sole traders & Partnerships

The majority of lenders will use the net profit of your business and average the last 2-3 years.

Ltd Companies

The way lenders calculate your income can vary significantly. Some use salary + dividend, others profit before tax + salary, others profit after tax + salary. If you have retained profit in your business very year, your borrowing capacity can range massively between the different calculations.

How can Sarah Grace help?

  • We can work with less than 1 years accounts
  • We are a mortgage brokers you can trust, we can advise you from a comprehensive range of mortgages from across the market
  • We have access to lenders who will take last year’s figures only (rather than averaging)
  • We liaise with your accountant if you’re unsure how your income is broken down
  • We achieve the best market rate available
  • We process applications fast, with regular updates
  • We can liaise with the estate agent and solicitors